our story

started on vacation

That’s right – It all started with an idea in the family car driving along the Columbia River Gorge.  Dad telling stories and two young kids sharing their amazing imaginations to make them better. From there, Lunchbox Stories were born and a new style of storytelling was about to make its way to the world.

The Special Ingredient

Chapter Cards!

Lunchbox Stories are truly unique.  In fact, we have a patent that makes our books unlike any other book you will ever read.  Lunchbox Stories books are different because they don’t have a spine!

“But wait, that’s what holds the pages together.  How can a book not have a spine!?!”  The answer is CHAPTER CARDS™  Every Lunchbox Stories book has 45-50 chapters and each chapter is written on a card.  There is a full-color illustration on the front and about 250 words on the back.  Each chapter ends with a little bit of suspense to entice the young reader to want to read the next chapter.

That’s right, it’s 45-50 cliff-hangers for kids in each book.  What could be more exciting than that!   

What’s with The Name?

Lunchbox Stories

A Memory..

When the Author was a young boy, his mom would put notes
in his Lunchbox for



An idea..

His daughter thought the chapter cards would make
good “notes” for
her Lunchbox… 





A really smart 10-yr old..

she said “I can read
the cards at Lunchtime –
We’ll call them
Lunchbox Stories!” 





Encouraging Kids to read
Lunchbox Stories

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