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I have loved to read ever since I was a child, but I know that statement is not true for everyone. In creating Lunchbox Stories™, my hope is to generate a spark for those children who may not like to read and offer them a unique and exciting way to explore the adventures that well-told stories can bring.  The stories are written for kids ages 7-12 and whether your child is a fabulous reader or someone who is still finding their way, I know they’ll love the “edge of their seat” thrills that comes with Lunchbox Stories!

 – Brian Martin

Ways to use

for Parents

We’d love to visit your child’s school!

A card or two in the car between errands

A few cards together at night before bedtime 

A chapter a day sent in their lunchbox

We’d love to visit your school!

Ways to use

for Teachers

Attention getting routine after recess

(Teacher reading)

Single chapter reading rewards

(Student Incentive)

Large group classroom reading

(Card for everyone)

Encouraging Kids to read
Lunchbox Stories

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